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Your success with ONPASSIVE is based on these four pillars

A.I. Driven Software (TOOLS)

Online companies have evolved drastically in the last few years with the help of technology, and there are many never-before-explored areas in the automation industry. This is where we step in to unite business with automation.

We, at ONPASSIVE, are passionate about technology and how it can deliver the highest expected results in no time. That’s why we embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) in tools which take over manual activities and turn them into 100% complete automation. The outcome is unimaginable and easily measurable. The A.I. keeps identifying patterns across the internet and keeps generating areas of opportunities to take your business forward.

100% Automated System

ONPASSIVE is not a product suite with a lot of copycat products. But rather a smart business solution with proprietary artificial intelligence that has been built from the ground up.    

They designed a unique, easy to use, plug-and-play system.  You no longer have to search for marketing tools that look useable. Then you discover they are too complicated and time-consuming to use.


You no longer need to be a computer genius or a marketing expert.  A simple click of the mouse will merge you with technology.

Targeted Traffic

A business does not exist if it does not promote its products and services. With thousands of options available out there, many find it challenging to identify which channel or tool best suits their advertising needs.

At ONPASSIVE, there is no stone left unturned while thinking of creating opportunities. We brainstormed many ideas and suggestions and finally came up with solutions to automate advertisements and promotions. These tools identify the target audience, create buyer personas, identify websites where they hang out and monitor their interests to pitch your products on your behalf.

Financial Benefits 

No more doing the hard work so the top 1% of the company gets most of the financial rewards. 

When ONPASSIVE launches, everyone will have the opportunity to financially benefit in 3 ways.

  • Customers may purchase any of the marketing packages to grow their existing businesses. 


  • Affiliates/Re-seller earn monthly commissions by sharing the "Smart Business Solutions"  with others.


  • Founding members get additional perks and bonuses before the public does.   Founding members are not required to sell, recruit or convert. 


A Glance at GoFounders Back office 

Here is a sample of the tools you will have to introduce people to ONPASSIVE, if you choose to do so.

Or you may let ONPASSIVE build your business for you when the marketing campaigns begin.

Tools include: over 130 personal links to share, private mailbox, eBooks, recorded webinars and marketing campaigns updates. 


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